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For nearly 20 years, Data Savers LLC has provided data recovery services to our community of Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond.

What is Data Savers LLC?

Data Savers LLC is a professional data recovery lab that specializes in restoring lost, deleted, or missing files from electronic storage devices. If you lost data from the internal hard drive in your desktop or laptop, snapped the USB connector on your flash drive, dropped your external hard drive, or (virtually) any other data loss scenario, we can help. The data recovery experts at Data Savers LLC are skilled in virtually every data recovery niche. Data Savers LLC engineers have expansive knowledge of electrical engineering and computer science. When you combine expert-level knowledge with years of experience, you get a lab like Data Savers LLC.

What Types of Hardware Can Data Savers LLC Recover Data From?

With nearly twenty years of data recovery experience, the Data Savers LLC team can restore files from virtually any operating system, device, or appliance. There is a staggering variety to electronic data storage devices. The broadest method of categorizing all these devices is by the type of device. For example, hard disk drives (HDD) and SD cards would be two types of data storage devices. So far, this might seem manageable, but things start to get overwhelming when you consider how different manufacturers offer a variety of products, these products have different models, these models have different versions, etc. The point is that there are a lot of different devices that have been used for electronic data storage.

The Data Savers LLC team would never claim to have experience working with every model of hard drive that has been produced. That said, when you have been in business for nearly twenty years, you have a lot of opportunities to learn about different devices. This is a significant factor in Data Savers LLC’s exemplary data recovery success rate. The fact of the matter is that experienced engineers are far more likely to be successful with data recovery operations.

Storage Devices

External Hard Drives
USB Flash Drives
SD Cards



Operating Systems

MacOS / OS X / Apple
Windows / PC
Various Linux Distributions
iOS and Android

What Types of Files Can Data Savers LLC Recover?

Don’t be concerned if the file type(s) you lost are not included in the following graphic. Those are simply file extensions that the Data Savers LLC team sees on a regular basis. At the end of the day, the file type(s) you need to recover have no bearing on our data recovery abilities. That said, we do ask that you briefly describe what files you are most interested in recovering. There are (unlikely) scenarios where a damaged device is only accessible for a limited window of time, and our engineers are forced to prioritize which files will be saved, and what is left behind.

















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Examples of Data Savers LLC’s Common Cases

Considering Data Recovery in Atlanta?
You Can Trust Data Savers LLC.

Atlanta data recovery companies like Data Savers LLC can be judged by their commitment to data security. We have nearly twenty years of successful data recovery case work. Throughout that time, our cybersecurity has been impeccable. The Data Savers LLC engineering team has produced a comprehensive operational security framework to ensure client data is always adequately protected. Many businesses and almost all consumers use software based firewalls. While the same is true of Data Savers LLC, our organization also utilizes a dedicated hardware firewall to ensure proper network security.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery is a core service for any legitimate data recovery operation. While nearly every shop offers hard drive data recovery services, these services are far from equivalent. Data Savers LLC has been perfecting proprietary hardware and software since we opened. When these advantages are coupled with nearly two decades of experience, it’s hardly surprising that Data Savers LLC data recovery is more effective than virtually any other data recovery provider.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID data recovery is a complex practice. Many smaller data recovery shops around the world are unwilling to attempt RAID data recovery, and instead refer RAID cases to nationally recognized data recovery labs like Data Savers LLC. A complicating factor with RAID is the variety of configurations available. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10 are a few popular configurations for Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

Restoring data from NAND flash storage is another complex data recovery niche. There is an inverse relationship between the price of flash storage and the frequency of it’s use in consumer electronics. Mobile phones, tablets, flash drives, SD cards, and solid state drives are all powered by NAND flash storage. As a professional data recovery lab, Data Savers LLC is equipped to recover data from any of these devices.

Data Savers LLC Data Recovery Pricing

Data Savers LLC utilizes a variable pricing structure. Our complex pricing model reflects the immense variance in our expenditure of organizational resources for straightforward cases vs more complex data loss scenarios. From the perspective of a data recovery engineer, not all data recovery cases are equal. Some data loss scenarios require repairing devices that have experienced severe physical damage. Cases like this will often require sourcing and installing replacement parts. After the damaged drive is physically restored, logical damage is assessed and repaired. In short, some data recovery cases require significant time and effort. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also certainly cases where data recovery requires fewer resources, time, and complex reasoning. The former is far more common than the latter.

Thousands of organizations around the world offer “data recovery services”. Many of these companies are primarily focused on general computer repairs. They may have technicians who are capable of restoring data in less challenging situations. Some of these technicians perform all of their procedures on a standard workbench, where we operate a dedicated data recovery lab equipped with a class 100 ISO-5 clean room environment. If you truly value the files that were lost, avoid unskilled data recovery technicians. When your files rest in the balance, never gamble on an inexperienced organization. The cost of a professional data recovery lab is always worth it.

The Data Savers LLC Process

The first step towards data recovery at Data Savers LLC is requesting an estimate. Our clients outside of the Atlanta metropolitan area enjoy complimentary inbound shipping (within the United States). Atlanta data recovery clients are encouraged to stop by our laboratory in-person, where our customer satisfaction team will accept your damaged storage device. Atlanta residents are also welcome to opt for mail-in data recovery services.

Regardless of how the drive gets here, the next step is receiving your free data recovery consultation. When Data Savers LLC receives a new drive, our engineers assess physical / logical damage and determine the time, effort, and materials necessary to extract files from the damaged drive, and provide you with an estimate for data recovery. Potential clients who are dissatisfied with our estimate are welcome to decline, and walk away with their damaged storage device. Clients who move forward with the data recovery case will be reunited with their lost data in three to five days (we also offer expedited services if your situation is time sensitive).