For nearly 20 years, Data Savers LLC has been a leader among Atlanta data recovery laboratories. We pride ourselves on being a community focused organization that provides a necessary service for the unfortunate individuals who encounter circumstances with serious data loss. Our experienced data recovery engineers will continue providing the same level of service you have come to expect from Data Savers LLC. Maybe our values are old school, but our company will continue to operate with consistency, reliability, and principled ideals.

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The Data Savers LLC team is knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly. We understand how stressful it can be to lose access to important data. If you stop by Data Savers’ Atlanta data recovery laboratory with a failing hard drive or corrupt SD card; our team will complete a complimentary data recovery consultation while you are waiting.

Data Savers LLC Address:

Data Savers LLC
3088 Mercer University Drive
Suite 210
Atlanta, GA 30341

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Data Savers’ Phone Number:

Local: 770-939-9363
Toll-Free: 866-693-2824

Data Savers LLC Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm

Holidays: Closed

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Learn More About Why You Should Choose Data Savers

Data Savers LLC has successfully recovered data for thousands of different clients. Our customers include individuals, corporations, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and even other data recovery firms. We receive drives from all over the world. Our benefits and advantages include:

  • We offer the benefits of a nationally recognized leader in Data Recovery without losing the customer service of a local shop.
  • Our success rates are among the highest in the industry.
  • Our charges are agreed upon upfront before data recovery begins, no surprises! Free inbound shipping too!
  • Your data is safe with us. We recover data for top government agencies, and observe strict security protocols.
  • Our customer service leads the industry – We keep you informed throughout the process.
  • We are a Western Digital™ Preferred Data Recovery Partner, for data recovery service and warranty exchange.
  • We are recognized experts in Apple™ data recovery – even by Apple!
  • Our evaluations are free.  If you live in the continental USA, we will pay for inbound ground shipping of all drives.  Laptop shipments will incur a $20 fee (payable on the final invoice) to provide proper insurance coverage on the shipment. Obtain a complimentary UPS shipping label when you request an estimate.

How Much Does it Cost?

We offer two levels of flat-rate (fixed price) recovery service. The lower-priced Level A Recovery Service applies to drives that can be read on our special equipment without intervention. This includes drives with bad media sectors, deleted files and some drives with degraded performance.Drives that require special intervention (due to mechanical and/or electrical failure) before we can begin reading from them qualify for Level B Recovery Service.Free quote! We will evaluate your drive and give you a quote before we begin the recovery process.Our flat rates also include free inbound shipping*.*Applies to inbound UPS ground shipping of all drives within continental United States. Laptop shipments will be billed $20 for extra insurance.

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