How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

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What is Data Recovery?

Before we can effectively break down the cost of data recovery it is necessary to explain what data recovery entails. At the core, the concept is very straightforward. A client has experienced unexpected data loss from a hard drive, phone, tablet, flash drives, SD card or enterprise storage system like RAID, NAS, or SAN. They bring (or mail) the drive to a data recovery lab that attempts to extract files from the damaged device. Data from the damaged device that can be read successfully is saved to a replacement drive that is returned to the client.

So… How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

If more complex than what you were hoping for when you started this article. Don’t despair, by the end of this piece you will have greater insight into the challenges presented when conducting cost estimates for data recovery services. This page also provides an overview of unique advantages Data Savers LLC clients enjoy with our business model.

The Cost of Data Recovery

You just dropped the external hard drive you were using to store family photos. When you plug it in, nothing happens except the hard drive making a beeping noise.

Data Recovery Cost


You are absolutely devastated. Over ten years of precious memories are gone. However, later that day a friend tells you about a friend of a friend sending a hard drive in to a company called Data Savers LLC.

Your friend claims that Data Savers LLC was able to restore photos from their failed hard drive. You are skeptical, but definitely interested in learning more about data recovery with Data Savers LLC.

In cases where hard disk drives sustain significant physical damage, our only option is to build a virtually identical replacement. Using the case, spindle motor, head stack, actuator arm, and connection interface from a donor hard drive to access data from platters of a foreign hard disk drive is never a long term solution. We will always begin transferring data immediately after franken-drive’s monster spins up.

Data Recovery at Data Savers

Our clients from Atlanta, GA will often physically drop the drive off at the Data Savers LLC lab. Other clients from Atlanta and the rest of the country utilize free inbound shipping offered with our mail-in data recovery services. As soon as the clients drive is received, our engineering team conducts a comprehensive assessment, and provides the client with a quote.

If the client accepts, we get to work. After connecting to and identifying high-priority files on the original device, our team transfers that data to a new drive (you can send in your own replacement drive or we can provide one for you). Within 6 to 10 days of receiving your broken storage device, the Data Savers LLC team ships you all recoverable data from your original device. Inquire about expedited data recovery services if our standard 6 to 10 day turnaround window is unacceptable. In the uncommon instances where data recovery is not successful, clients are protected by Data Savers LLC’s NO-DATA = NO-CHARGE risk-free guarantee.

Complex Engineering Requires Specialized Skills

The experienced technicians at Data Savers LLC utilize advanced engineering techniques to access data from your storage device. In many data loss scenarios, our engineers need to replace missing, deleted, or corrupt metadata that is crucial to reading the original drive. Hiring the skilled individuals who are capable of performing such work is not cheap. Would you rather use a data recovery service that’s effective or one that’s cheap?

Final Thoughts

Effective data recovery engineers typically have an advanced education in electrical engineering or computer science and thousands of hours of hands-on experience. While this may not be true about absolutely every data recovery lab, all nationally recognized data recovery companies will have employees who fit that description. If you are interested in learning more about data recovery with Data Savers LLC, Request an Estimate by completing the form attached to the following ‘Request an Estimate’ button.

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