Flash Drive Data Recovery

For nearly twenty years, Data Savers LLC has provided flash drive data recovery services to our friends and neighbors in Atlanta, Georgia. We know that experiencing data loss is hard.

Data Savers LLC Strives to Make Flash Drive Data Recovery Easy

Flash drive data recovery is a complex and delicate procedure. After honing our craft for nearly twenty years, Data Savers’ engineers are your best chance for successful flash drive data recovery.


We wanted to create a business that positively contributes to our local community, while also providing our employees with a comfortable living. With this mission in mind, Data Savers LLC opened our data recovery laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. Our experienced data recovery engineers provide flash drive data recovery services for a number of scenarios, including:

  • Snapped USB flash drive
  • Flash drive snapped
  • Broken flash drive
  • Physically broken flash drive
  • Flash drive broken
  • USB device not recognized
  • Corrupted USB flash drive
  • USB flash drive corrupted
  • USB thumb drive corrupted
  • Thumb drive snapped
  • Thumb drive broken
  • USB flash drive snapped


Flash Drive Data Recovery

Many of our clients have experienced USB flash drive data loss.

If you also find yourself in this unfortunate situation, reach out to Data Savers LLC and we can start discussing the data recovery process immediately.

What is Flash Drive Data Recovery?

Our clients often mail broken or corrupted flash drives to Data Savers. Our process for recovering data from these drives varies tremendously based on the specific type of damage the flash drive has suffered. Our engineers are skilled with flash drive data recovery, and almost always provide our clients with the data they may have felt was gone forever.

If you were storing important data on a flash drive and go to utilize that data only to see a prompt that everything has been corrupted, you may be feeling angry and helpless. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why USB flash drives can get corrupted. When this happens, the information you store inside the flash drive will no longer be accessible without professional assistance from skilled engineers in a data recovery laboratory.

When you delete files, they may be identified by your operating system as non-existent, but in a vast majority of situations your files still exist on the storage medium (flash drive, hard drive, SD card, etc.). When you delete files, your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) marks the space they were previously taking up as ‘free space’, that can be overwritten by new files. This is why it is essential that you stop using the device that you deleted files from. Even browsing the internet can result in your computer saving system configuration / system logs. If you deleted files that you want to get back, stop using the device!

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What Causes Flash Drives to Fail?

Since a flash drive is an external hardware device, there are many ways it can cease to function. The most common way for a USB flash drive to break is because the device endures physical damage such as snapping, crushing, or breaking.

Another thumb drive best practice is never inserting your USB flash drive into public computers and devices. Most publicly accessible laptops and PCs aren’t equipped with anti-virus software, and if antivirus has been installed you can never be certain the software has not been tampered with by bad actors. If you insist on ignoring this particular nugget of wisdom, your flash drive will likely encounter malware at some point. Infecting your USB flash drive with malware can have a few different outcomes.

Depending on the skill level of the hacker who created this malware, there is significant variability to what happens next. If it was created by an unskilled individual, it may fail to execute any of their intended instructions, and nothing bad happens to your flash drive. If it was created by a passable computer scientist, it may simply corrupt all data on your flash drive, rendering everything you were storing on the device useless. If it was created by a programmer with significant skill and absolutely no semblance of a moral compass, your flash drive may operate normally until you plug it in when you get home and notice that your home PC has been infected with ransomware.


Broken Flash Drive

If you find yourself in a situation where your USB flash drive looks anything like the photo on left, professional data recovery is your only opportunity to retrieve the information from the drive.

Old Flash Drive

Like any electronic appliance, continuing to rely on a device with an advanced age can lead to failure and lost data from your flash drive. NAND flash storage is only capable of writing data to non-volatile memory a finite number of times. You will be in for an unpleasant surprise if you continue using an old flash drive and your device crosses this threshold.


What is NAND Flash?

NAND flash memory (or NAND flash storage) is a widely used data storage technology. NAND flash memory chips are used in USB flash drives, SD cards, smartphones, and solid state drives. NAND is an amalgamation of the words NOT – AND. There are two noteworthy varieties of flash memory, NAND flash and NOR flash. As you may have been able to guess, NOR combines the words NOT – OR. NOR flash memory has applications in situations where a faster read time provides an advantage. NAND flash storage is far more popular than NOR flash. NAND flash is cheaper to produce and also offers marginally faster write times than NOR flash.

The Cost of Flash Drives

As of 2022, the Nigorsd 2 terabyte USB flash drive is available on Amazon for $42.99. This places the high-end cost per gigabyte of USB flash drives at $0.02. The cost of producing devices that rely on NAND flash storage was previously a serious limitation to the adoption of these devices. However, this changed during the 2010s. Flash based storage is becoming commonplace in numerous situations where an alternative technology was previously utilized.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Conclusion

Data Savers LLC is proud to provide expert flash drive data recovery services for our friends, neighbors, and clients in Atlanta, Georgia. Don’t risk losing your data forever by working with unskilled technicians, having the best engineers in the business is the Data Savers LLC difference. As an established Atlanta data recovery company, Data Savers LLC will proudly continue restoring all manner of data for our clients for years to come.