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Redundant arrays of independent disks (RAID) are a popular data storage appliance for individuals and organizations that require a higher level of read/write performance and/or fault tolerance. While RAID has benefits, a drawback is that recovering data from RAID is almost always more complex then other data recovery specializations.

The Data Savers team has been conducting data recovery for nearly two decades, and in that time we have developed specialized skills and proprietary data recovery equipment. Regardless of the level of damage your RAID storage solution sustains, Data Savers will do everything in our power to restore your data.

Articles in this section will cover the various RAID recovery capabilities of the Data Savers team!

RAID 1 Data Recovery


What is RAID 1? RAID 1 is a popular data storage solution for individuals and organizations who have substantial storage requirements, a detailed understanding of RAID storage, and a desire to protect…

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NAS Data Recovery


NAS stands for network attached storage, a technology that enables you to access your data anywhere with an internet connection. Network attached storage systems make it possible to share data across multiple…

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