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Data Savers LLC is an organization inextricably tied to Atlanta data recovery. Read on to learn more about data recovery with Data Savers LLC. While we are proud to serve walk in traffic from our community of Atlanta, Georgia, Data Savers LLC also offers free inbound shipping. As one of the oldest electronic data service providers in the state of Georgia, it should come as no surprise that Data Savers LLC has become an undisputed leader in Atlanta data recovery..

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Street Address

Data Savers LLC
3088 Mercer University Drive
Suite 210
Atlanta, GA 30341

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Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm
Holidays: Closed
Local: (770) 939-9363
Toll-Free: (866) 693-2824

Atlanta Data Recovery Before Data Savers

Data Savers LLC was founded by Jon Yaeger in 2005. While today Data Savers LLC is a dominant presence on the Atlanta data recovery scene, the people of Atlanta were using computers well before 2005. When enough people use computers, some of them will lose data. Compounding the myriad of potential data loss scenarios with the statistically significant segment of the population with terrible common sense when it comes to electronics results in electronic data storage devices that need data recovery. As such, it should come as no surprise that Data Savers LLC was not the first data recovery organization, it wasn’t even Jon Yaeger’s first company.


Atlanta Technical Specialists

Jon Yaeger, the founder of Data Savers LLC, knew what he wanted in a data recovery company long before he actually started one. Before starting Data Savers LLC, Yaeger started Atlanta Technical Specialists (ATS) in 1987. ATS started in Yaeger’s home in Clarkston, a suburb of Atlanta. They later moved to a warehouse in Clarkson and then again to a larger facility closer to the heart of Atlanta.

ATS saw tremendous success leveraging a partnership with the Apple Computer Company during a time period when Apple Computer’s Macintosh was seeing widespread adoption. Yaeger’s Atlanta Technical Specialists became Apple® Computer’s largest service center in the Southeastern U.S. In addition to comprehensive service offerings for Macintosh computers, ATS also became an Apple Dealer and Apple Specialist.  Atlanta Technical Specialists wasn’t an Apple exclusive shop, they also sold and serviced Windows®- compatible personal computers. Occasionally ATS clients would require Atlanta data recovery services. In the 1990s, there were relatively few companies and thus limited choices and options.  Data recovery was prohibitively expensive: usually only businesses could afford it.

Data Savers LLC is Born

ATS forwarded clients’ failed drives to the data recovery firms. Customer service was rare:  after a contract was negotiated, usually the only other time that you heard from a firm was when you received your data back weeks or months later – which might be a big stack of CDs or DVDs.  Forget about regular updates or the ability to speak with someone who was familiar with the details of your recovery. All of the CDs or DVDs would have to be reloaded by ATS or the client.  In short, data recovery was expensive, impersonal, cumbersome, and about as enjoyable an experience as getting a root canal. Yaeger recognized an uncontested segment of the market where a data recovery lab that emphasizes client experience could thrive.

Seizing an Opportunity for Atlanta Data Recovery

Jon Yaeger wanted to provide a different kind of data recovery service – one that was customer centric and offered more affordable pricing. So, in 2005, he started Data Savers LLC in Chamblee, GA, a city just outside of Atlanta, GA. Chamblee is a perfect location for a business like ours, we enjoy more space than we could in the city, but Data Savers LLC is still close enough to provide Atlanta data recovery services to businesses and individuals.

Yaeger also insists that customers have regular updates about the status of their recovery, as well as access to the technicians working on the recovery in case a client wants to reach out with special questions or concerns. While it was recently deprecated, Data Savers LLC instituted a customer portal system, called CustomTrack™ for the exchange of information between our organization and our clients. Our CustomTrack™ system won a 2010 Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year in Computer Services.

Data Savers LLC attracted the attention of the biggest player in the hard drive industry and became the only Western Digital Authorized Service Center in the Southeast U.S. Data Savers LLC also obtained a GSA listing for government services. Data Savers’ clients include clients and other data recovery companies from around the world; various U.S. Government Agencies, and many within the Fortune 500 list. Located in the Atlanta music hub, Data Savers LLC has become the favorite choice among rap and other musicians from the local area, and from others who visit.

The greatest testimony to Data Saver’s commitment to provide top-notch client service is evident among our excellent customer Google reviews. Although we are a small firm, the Data Savers LLC team genuinely cares about our customers and their data recovery experience.