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It wasn’t long ago that consumer reports and similar professional review services were the only way of verifying the legitimacy of a product or service. Due to the (somewhat) recent phenomenon of consumers reviewing various products and services on the internet, it is now readily apparent when a business has a history of questionable interactions with clients.

This paradigm can be problematic in some scenarios. For example, a fussy diner at a good restaurant can seriously damage the restaurants reputation with a single negative review. That said, review culture does offer the benefit of individual consumers being able to publicly warn others of businesses that are dishonest, bad at what they do, or both.

Fortunately this phenomenon has not negatively impacted the Data Savers LLC data recovery company. For nearly twenty years a vast majority of our clients have been satisfied with our data recovery services. We will not claim 100% of our data recovery cases resulted in happy customers. Data loss is a stressful experience, and it is perfectly understandable that emotions may be running higher than usual, but an overwhelming majority of Data Savers LLC’s clients have been nothing short of thrilled by our professionalism, data recovery results, and commitment to customer service.

Don’t take our word for it, on this page you will find kind words of gratitude from individuals who recovered data with the Data Savers LLC data recovery laboratory.

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Individual Reviews from Satisfied Clients

“Every step of the process was fast, professional, and also personal. Their communication is really outstanding – I would have still give them 5 stars even if they hadn’t recovered my data!”

Michael S. on Facebook

“You saved me not only a headache and stress, but you saved me $1,221.30. Your customer service was great and your quality of work was even better. Thank you, again.”

Samuel W. on Facebook

“I’m an IT professional in the Atlanta area since 1995. I would not think twice about sending anyone to any other place to recover their data. From thumb drives to broken RAIDs. Data Savers LLC is HONEST and very knowledgeable.”

Adam C. on Yelp

“I was very thankful that they provided a fair price up front! No hidden fees! These guys know what they’re doing. Super thankful for them!”

Marin G. on Google

“My husband and I brought a hard drive that contained our wedding footage to Data Savers LLC after our wedding videographer’s laptop was stolen and the backup drive was malfunctioning. After the videographer unsuccessfully worked with two other companies who could not recover the wedding videos we took the drive to Data Savers LLC. Our wedding videos were recovered and I could not be more happy with the entire process. They are true professionals and worth every penny!

Elizabeth H on Yelp

Fast, Fair, Expert – As someone who works with large volumes of data daily and who has years of experience working in the tech space, I hold my providers to a very high standard. When I recently experienced a sudden SSD drive failure of a fairly new device, I needed quick results with honest input and reasonable rates. The team at Data Savers LLC were level headed and provided reasonable flat rate options. They quickly diagnosed the problem, recovered the data, and had me back to normal in short order.”

Mark J. on Google

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