Partner Program

Are you wondering if working with Data Savers LLC would be a good fit for your business? The answer is yes if a client has ever asked you to recover data from a failed or failing device, and you were unable to restore all of their data.

Even the most accomplished computer hardware professionals are not equipped to handle every situation. When you are assisting clients who have experienced data loss, working with a professional data recovery lab is in the best interest of both you and your client. As it happens, Data Savers LLC is a professional data recovery lab, and we also happen to have an excellent partner program.

Would you Benefit from a Partnership with Data Savers?

As a computer repair technician, it is somewhat common for a new client to be frustrated when they first come to your shop (or call you on the phone…) and it makes sense. This individual has been using their computer for days / months / years, and now they are dropping it off at a repair shop.

If you are successful in restoring their device, the client will have a markedly different state of mind when they come to pick up their equipment. Knowing how much you were able to help that person is one of the best parts of the job.


What Does it Mean to be a Data Savers LLC Partner?

While the previous scenario is firmly under your control, what can you do to help clients who experience data loss that you can’t resolve? This situation is where a Data Savers LLC partnership can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a one star Yelp review.

When you have a relationship with Data Savers LLC, you don’t have to worry about irate clients who expect every computer repair technician to be capable of conducting the most complex data recovery procedures. When you determine a piece of equipment will require additional assistance from specialized data recovery professionals, you simply refer the client to Data Savers LLC. We will communicate directly with the client, you will receive compensation for your referral, and the reputation of your business will no longer be hampered by frustrated clientele airing their data recovery grievances on Yelp.

Why Data Savers?

Data Savers LLC has nearly two decades of experience providing data recovery services. While our organization is located in Atlanta, Georgia, we have relationships with partners around the United States. Our team will almost certainly have experience with the specific data loss situation your client is experiencing. The previous statement is not an exaggeration, we have seen essentially everything you can imagine. Data Savers LLC also has specialized hardware, custom software, and the best engineers in the business. This combination is what has made Data Savers LLC a nationally recognized data recovery laboratory.

What if you Already do Data Recovery Yourself?

If your organization already offers data recovery services, you may be wondering what you possibly stand to gain by partnering with Data Savers LLC. The fact is that there is enormous variety to data loss scenarios. Some situations, such as restoring files from a recently formatted hard drive, are at the more manageable end of the data recovery difficulty spectrum. While scenarios like RAID data recovery or restoring VMDK files from a failed hypervisor will be far more challenging. Becoming a Data Savers LLC partner is beneficial to the repair shop that can address the formatted hard drive, but would rather avoid dedicating time and resources to a lengthy data recovery attempt that might not yield a successful outcome. If this describes your business, becoming a partner with Data Savers LLC would enable you to assist any client, regardless of the degree of damage to their equipment or data.

Data Savers LLC has a clean room facility and special, dedicated imagers for copying data quickly and with minimal risk to the drive and it’s data. No software programs are capable of doing the same thing. If your client’s drive clicks, has a lot of bad sectors, or is taking a very long time to image, chances are that continuing to operate the drive may, in fact, reduce or eliminate the chances of a successful recovery. If you encounter these difficulties, it is likely in your client’s best interests to sub out the recovery to us.

Experience our Award-Winning Customer Service

Every consumer-facing business provides some level of customer service. When this customer service is passive aggressive, snippy, or rude in any way, the business will suffer. Some clients will simply start working with a competitor and other clients take it a step further and leave one star reviews on Yelp, Facebook, or Google. When the customer service is understanding, supportive, and helpful clients are far more likely to continue coming back. Some of these clients will also take this a step further and write glowing five-star reviews on Yelp, Facebook or Google. Data Savers LLC has always understood the importance of providing a comprehensive customer experience. If you visit our data recovery reviews page, you should be left in no doubt regarding Data Savers’ reputation.

A less obvious benefit enjoyed by every Data Savers LLC partner is associating your business with our customer service. Our customer service team ensures that your client receives comprehensive support throughout the data recovery process. We know that everything our organization does reflects back on our partners and that is one reason Data Savers LLC has always strived to provide the best customer service possible.