CCTV Data Recovery

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is the practice of utilizing video cameras to monitor and / or record events in a wide variety of locations. When a CCTV system also records video, it is referred to as a Digital Video Recording system or DVR. Like any electronic device, CCTV / DVR systems break. If you have encountered DVR data loss, don’t hesitate to reach out to the hard drive data recovery professionals at Data Savers LLC.

Closed circuit television is popular in workplaces, convenience stores, gas stations, banks, art galleries, sports arenas, public areas, you get the picture. It’s a widely used technology.

These devices can be configured to stream live video or even save the recordings to a hard drive.


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Closed Circuit Television in Public Areas

Closed circuit television surveillance systems offer attractive capabilities for government and law enforcement agencies. Not only are government officials and police officers capable of monitoring higher risk areas in real time, but they will also have hard evidence if a crime occurs within view of one of their cameras.

As the continual march of technological progress constantly offers greater capabilities for better prices, significantly more public spaces have fallen under the watchful eye of CCTV surveillance systems. As the facial recognition capabilities of various artificial intelligence systems continue to progress, closed circuit television cameras will become even more useful for large corporations, law enforcement, and governments around the world.

Controversy Surrounding CCTV Surveillance


Widespread government use of CCTV surveillance systems has led to disquiet among individuals who value privacy. In 2007, the internationally famous artist / vandal Banksy created a famous mural (pictured to the right) in London.

Situated next to an actual CCTV surveillance camera, the mural depicts a child in a red hoodie painting the phrase ‘One Nation Under CCTV’ on a wall while being watched by a police officer and police dog.

The phrase is a clear play-on-words concerning the ‘one nation under God’ line from the United States’ pledge of allegiance.

Closed Circuit Television in Private Areas

The managerial opportunities offered by closed circuit television surveillance cameras is another attractive prospect for business owners in particular industries. For example, if the owner of an automobile manufacturing plant (or really any type of factory) were to install a CCTV system, they could provide the assembly line supervisor a means of monitoring what workers are doing regardless of where the supervisor is physically located. For businesses that require employees to be doing, or refrain from doing certain behaviors a system like this would offer significant value.

CCTV Surveillance in an Art Gallery


Closed circuit television security camera systems are installed in businesses when the benefit to stakeholders of being able to monitor the space exceeds the cost of purchasing, installing, and operating the security cameras.

The photo on the left highlights one of these situations perfectly. If criminals were to steal art from this gallery, the CCTV video recordings would be invaluable in the impending police investigation. However, it is within the realm of possibility that the individual(s) who stole the art also destroyed the computer where the cameras were saving their recordings…

CCTV Data Recovery

What if you aren’t the most technically savvy computer user and you accidentally deleted the footage yourself? These scenarios are when CCTV data recovery / DVR data recovery can be of assistance. The data recovery professionals at Data Savers LLC will be happy to assist you in restoring lost data from the internal hard drive, external hard drive, or network attached storage (NAS) device where you were recording events from your surveillance system.