How to Find Lost Bitcoin Wallet?

Trying to Find Your Old Bitcoin wallet? We can help!

Many investors are unsure exactly how much Bitcoin they had in their old wallet. Were you holding 30, 0.3, or 0.00003 BTC at your old address? Maybe you think it was on an external hard drive, but you aren’t sure which one. Perhaps your wife threw away “all that old electronics garbage” and the thumb drive holding the Bitcoin private key made its way to the local landfill. Regardless of how you lost your Bitcoin wallet, this article should provide valuable information to aid you in recovering that lost Bitcoin.

Are you Trying to Find a Lost Bitcoin Wallet?

Over the last decade, the mania surrounding cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, has reached unprecedented heights. While a single Bitcoin costs over $10,000, there was a time when Bitcoin was essentially akin to wasted bandwidth, compute power, and electricity. Remember the Bitcoin faucet, and its promise to provide five free Bitcoin to anyone who would visit? Those days are behind us.

Losing Bitcoin back then was of little consequence. Maybe you misplaced an old hard drive and happened to lose Bitcoin that was worth $12 USD at the time. Nobody is thrilled to lose $12, but it’s unlikely to be a life altering event. Well, now that $12 is $1,200,000… Unless you have done VERY well for yourself (or happened to be born into the right family), $1.2 million would likely have a dramatic impact on your life. Data Savers LLC can assist you in recovering your lost Bitcoin. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


How to Find Lost Bitcoin on an Exchange?

If you loaded up on Bitcoin in 2009 and gave up on it after the crash of 2013 you are probably pretty desperate to access your original Bitcoin wallet. While there are a number of modern cryptocurrency exchanges that will aid users in recovering lost funds, unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect the earliest crypto exchanges to have the same focus on security and user experience that many platforms offer today.

How to Retrieve Lost Bitcoin from a Web Wallet?

As the alternative to cold storage wallets, hot wallets / web wallets are often many investors’ first foray into cryptocurrency storage outside of the realm of exchanges. While web wallets are extremely commonplace today, they were hardly common knowledge among the extremely limited number of investors, institutions, and developers who were there during the early days of cryptocurrency. If your Bitcoin was on the cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, we have some unfortunate news… you won’t be getting your coins back. However if you lost Bitcoin through a transaction in the Binance exchange, your fortunes may be of a different lot. Reach out to the Binance support team and see what they can do with your specific situation.

How to Retrieve Lost Bitcoin from a Hard Drive or Flash Drive?

Now you may have noticed this article is by a company called Data Savers LLC. If you’re really sharp you’ve probably inferred that we are neither a Bitcoin exchange nor do we provide a web wallet. We do however have two decades of experience with the complex data recovery practices and procedures that are necessary for recovering Bitcoin wallets that are trapped on data storage devices like hard drives or flash drives. The drive could be crushed, melted, bent, snapped, broken, dirty, impacted by water or fire, or any number of additional scenarios, and while we make no guarantees that we can restore your Bitcoin, we can assure you that we will provide you with the best possible chance of getting your wallet back!

Data Savers LLC Can Help Get your Bitcoin Back!

The skilled data recovery professionals at Data Savers LLC have extensive experience restoring lost, deleted, or otherwise inaccessible documents, photos, videos, files, tax information, and virtually any other variety of data you can imagine. If you are serious about recovering your lost Bitcoin, reach out to Data Savers LLC today, and put your faith in our skilled and experienced team.

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