Microsoft Surface Won’t Turn On

The Microsoft Surface line of two in one computers is popular among students and professionals who are often on the go. While Microsoft Surface computers are popular, they are not perfect, and some Surface users will experience data loss. Fortunately, the data recovery professionals at Data Savers LLC have extensive experience with Microsoft Surface data recovery and would be happy to assist you.


Surface Data Recovery with Data Savers

Since the 2012 release of the original Surface tablet, Microsoft has released over a dozen variations of Surface computers, tablets, phones, and devices that fall in-between one or more of the previous categories. Despite being a seemingly tried and tested technology, many Surface machines are still prone to experiencing issues that result in a blank screen for the user. If you have encountered this problem or something similar, you most likely have important files that are now trapped on a Microsoft Surface. The Data Savers LLC team knows how frustrating it is when you are incapable of accessing files that are important to your family, business, or education.

Based on the fact that you’re on the Data Savers LLC site, you are most likely already aware that Data Savers LLC operates a professional data recovery lab. If you weren’t aware, Data Savers LLC has been providing data recovery services to our community of Atlanta, Georgia, and the nation at large for nearly twenty years. Our engineers, accomplished in electrical engineering and computer science, conduct data recovery procedures from an ISO 5 class 100 clean room environment. If you still aren’t onboard with Data Savers LLC, the following example might help.

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While many hardware manufacturers provide detailed and useful troubleshooting guides for issues like this, the same is not true of Microsoft and the Surface series. The following link will lead you to the best available “documentation”, but we provide this information along with a disclaimer to think very carefully about attempting to service your Microsoft Surface device independently. If you are willing to accept the increased probability of losing your data (associated with DIY data recovery attempts), Microsoft provides documentation on attempting to troubleshoot problems on Surface devices.

Surface Pro 5 Data Recovery Example

To illustrate how Data Savers LLC can help, we’ll use an example of a fictional character who is looking for Surface Pro 5 data recovery. This enlightened individual had the good sense to send their device to Data Savers LLC. They started this process by clicking the request an estimate button.

After submitting their information, they shipped the device to the laboratory where we conduct Surface Pro 5 data recovery. Our engineers provided an estimate, they accepted, and we were able to recovery 99.99% of the files for this Surface Pro 5 data recovery case. Data Savers LLC saved these files to a replacement drive and shipped it back to the client.

The client was so grateful that they told all of their friends and coworkers how great Data Savers LLC is and also wrote a glowing 5 star Google review. If you’re still skeptical, visit the Data Savers LLC review hub to see what previous clients had to say after working with Data Savers LLC.

What is Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft released the first Surface tablet in 2012 and the first Surface Pro in 2013. This was the beginning of an extensive line of touch-screen capable portable computers that Microsoft continues to add to. This line includes the Surface, Surface Go, Surface Pro, Surface Hub, Surface Neo, Surface Duo, Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and Surface Studio. The variety of Surface products is one of the major attractions for many users.

Being able to select a computer that provides everything individuals will require without increasing the price by providing functionality individuals don’t need. All Surface computers come equipped with a touch screen display, either the Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system, and a solid state hard drive of variable size. Many Surface models also feature a colorful detachable keyboard. Surface computers with the detachable keyboard will feature an on-screen keyboard that the user can utilize when the physical keyboard is not attached.

The Surface Pro was not a New Idea

Microsoft did not come up with the concept of detachable two in one devices. The credit for that innovation lies with Compaq engineers who released the Compaq Concerto in 1993. While Microsoft is clearly a fan of the two in one computer, not every hardware manufacturer agrees. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, responded to an inquiry about Apple potentially releasing a hybrid of the MacBook and iPad by comparing two in one computers to a “combination of a toaster and a refrigerator that doesn’t please anyone”. While Cook’s comment certainly paints a vivid image for the reader, it is also a fairly strong indication that a MacBook / iPad two in one is extremely unlikely while Cook is at the helm.