How to Recover Deleted Texts or Contacts?

Are you attempting to resolve a scenario involving deleted text messages or contacts?

Trying to Resolve an Issue with Deleted Text Messages?

Deleting text messages and contacts is an activity many individuals will do almost subconsciously. Your phone is running out of storage space, and you decide that you don’t really need to hold onto the three year old group chat full of GIFs, images, and videos. You navigate to that group chat and swipe to delete it. It’s only after you click the “confirm” button that you realize the group chat is still in your messages app. After investigating a bit, you realize that you actually deleted the conversation you had been having with a relative who has since passed away. You wanted to hold on to those messages forever, and now they’re gone. Or are they? What if you learned how to recover deleted text messages?


What Causes Deleted Text Messages or Contacts

Like virtually any concept in computing, recovering deleted text messages or contacts can be accomplished through a variety of different approaches. The best approach for your particular scenario will be dependent on the incident responsible for deleting your text messages or contacts in the first place. Almost every modern professional is deeply dependent on their smartphone for operating on a regular basis. A significant percentage of the developed world brings their smartphone everywhere they go. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a short walk outside, going to the bathroom, or spending time with friends or family, your smartphone will most likely be on your person. It should come as no surprise that losing information from the devices that are the most deeply engrained in our lives causes problems. Deleting texts or contacts is actually far more common than most people would imagine. This section outlines a few of the most common reasons you might lose text messages.

Human Error

If you are going to lose text messages or contacts, statistics dictate that it’s far more likely that you are responsible for deleting the data than hardware failure or a virus deleting your contacts. It’s easy to imagine scenarios where this could occur. Maybe you didn’t realize you would need a particular contact / text message, and you actually deleted it on purpose. Perhaps your 4 year old got ahold of your phone and proceeded to delete texts (and probably send some texts too). The specific scenario is irrelevant. The fact is that human error is often responsible for deleted text messages.

Device Failure

Device failure is another potential reason you might lose texts or contacts. No computer lasts forever, and even if you don’t consider your smartphone to be a computer, it certainly is. Smartphones are complex pieces of machinery that can fail for a myriad of reasons. If you suffer from device failure, you likely lost everything, not just contacts or text messages.

Virus or Malware

Viruses and malware have been around since the days when ARPANET was the best option for networked communication between computers. If you are unfamiliar, ARPANET is the forerunner to the modern internet. Today viruses can take an overwhelming degree of different forms. Many smartphones are typically secure devices. However, if your phone becomes infected with a virus it may result in deleted text messages or contacts.

Background on Text Messaging

The short messaging service (SMS) was pioneered in the early 1990s as a mechanism for mobile phones or computers to exchange brief messages quickly and easily. A major advantage to sending text messages instead of phone calls is the concept of inconsistent availability. If you want to call someone else, a phone call necessitates both you and the other individual being available at the same time. However, a text can be sent when person A has availability and responded to when the other individual has a chance. This is just one of many reasons why text messages have become a critical means of communication for people around the world.

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Data Recovery for Deleted Text Messages or Contacts

Data recovery is the process of extracting data from devices that have failed / are failing, have been formatted, where the user deleted something they would need in the future, or a wide array of additional circumstances. If you have deleted important text messages or contacts, data recovery may be the only available option for restoring that data. The data recovery professionals at Data Savers LLC have nearly twenty years of experience with data recovery. If the deleted text messages or deleted contacts that brought you to this article are truly important, you won’t hesitate to reach out to Data Savers LLC today.