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Data Savers LLC has been providing data recovery services to the greater-Atlanta area for nearly twenty years. Computers and the way people use them has changed a lot in that time period. To illustrate this point, the BlackBerry was the globally dominant “smartphone” when our data recovery company opened, and the iPhone was still in development in Cupertino.

Over that time Data Savers has gained wide spread experience in the field of data recovery. Not only does Data Savers have the specialized equipment to restore your data, but our skilled team of data recovery specialists has thousands of hours handling cases that are (most likely) similar to yours.

In this section you can read about the many factors that separate the Data Savers data recovery company from the competition.

Atlanta Data Recovery


Data Savers LLC is an organization inextricably tied to Atlanta data recovery. Read on to learn more about data recovery with Data Savers LLC. While we are proud to serve walk in…

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Top Ten Data Recovery Myths


Data recovery is a profession like others such as medicine, law, or plumbing. Much of the knowledge we use in our professions comes from years of hands-on experience – whether it is…

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How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?


The fastest way to receive a data recovery estimate is calling Data Savers LLC and answering the following questions. Local: (770) 939-9363Toll-Free: 1-866-939-9363 Evaluation Questions What type of equipment do you have?What…

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Data Recovery Reviews


See What Our Clients Are Saying About Data Savers Clickable ^ It wasn’t long ago that consumer reports and similar professional review services were the only way of verifying the legitimacy of…

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Learn More About Us


If you want to learn more about the Atlanta data recovery professionals at Data Savers LLC, then you’re in the right place. Data recovery could be described as the intersection between a…

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