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Hard drive data recovery is one of the core services Data Savers provides. That said, the Data Savers team has all the necessary skills to recover data from flash drives, phones, and SD cards; but restoring data from (HDD) hard disk drives and (SSD) solid state drives is our core business.

The Data Savers team has been conducting data recovery for nearly two decades, and in that time we have developed specialized skills and proprietary data recovery equipment that enable Data Savers engineers to more effectively recover data from HDDs and SSDs.

Articles in this section will cover the various hard drive data recovery capabilities of the Data Savers team!

External Hard Drive Data Recovery


If you’ve lost data in the past, you know how frustrating and devastating it can be to realize that files you expected to be on an external hard drive suddenly aren’t showing…

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What is a SATA Hard Drive?


You may have heard friends, family, or coworkers talking about serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) hard drives. In situations like this, it would only be natural to wonder: What is SATA hard…

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How to Destroy a Hard Drive – Degaussing


Unfortunately, data breaches, identity theft, and fraud have become a constant in the modern world. These issues are not limited to large corporations, but also impact individuals, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses.…

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Hard Drive Clicking

Hard drives are a widely used data storage device that are present in nearly every laptop and desktop computer. While most hard drives perform their duties without experiencing issues, other hard drives…

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Mac Data Recovery


Mac data recovery is one of the more popular services offered by the data recovery professionals at Data Savers LLC. Mac desktops and laptops are widely used by students and professionals across…

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