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Hard drive data recovery is one of the core services Data Savers provides. That said, the Data Savers team has all the necessary skills to recover data from flash drives, phones, and SD cards; but restoring data from (HDD) hard disk drives and (SSD) solid state drives is our core business.

The Data Savers team has been conducting data recovery for nearly two decades, and in that time we have developed specialized skills and proprietary data recovery equipment that enable Data Savers engineers to more effectively recover data from HDDs and SSDs.

Articles in this section will cover the various hard drive data recovery capabilities of the Data Savers team!

Microsoft Surface Won’t Turn On


The Microsoft Surface line of two in one computers is popular among students and professionals who are often on the go. While Microsoft Surface computers are popular, they are not perfect, and…

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Types of Hard Drives


Have you ever wondered why the information on your computer is still there after you turn the computer off? Unless you’re using a custom machine, your computer stores data on a hard…

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Why is My LaCie Beeping?


Did your LaCie external hard drive recently stop working and start beeping? If you have found yourself in this situation, it would definitely make sense to wonder Why is my LaCie Beeping?…

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QuickBooks Data Recovery Service


Are you looking for a QuickBooks data recovery service after experiencing QuickBooks data loss? Intuit QuickBooks is a popular accounting software utilized by businesses of all sizes. While QuickBooks started as an…

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Hard Disk 3f0


A semi-frequent occurrence for unlucky HP desktop or laptop owners is a phenomenon known as the hard disk 3f0 error. What is Error 3f0? This error message is a twin of the…

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Hard Drive Beeping [SOLVED]


Hard drives are never supposed to beep. If you can hear a beeping noise coming from your computer, shut the computer down. If you can hear your external hard drive beeping, eject…

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