Category Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery is one of the core services Data Savers provides. That said, the Data Savers team has all the necessary skills to recover data from flash drives, phones, and SD cards; but restoring data from (HDD) hard disk drives and (SSD) solid state drives is our core business.

The Data Savers team has been conducting data recovery for nearly two decades, and in that time we have developed specialized skills and proprietary data recovery equipment that enable Data Savers engineers to more effectively recover data from HDDs and SSDs.

Articles in this section will cover the various hard drive data recovery capabilities of the Data Savers team!

Clicking Noise in Computer


Is someone near your workstation clicking a pen or tapping their finger on the desk? Maybe your associate in the next cubicle is playing a game on their computer, and that noise…

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How to Find Lost Bitcoin Wallet?


Trying to Find Your Old Bitcoin wallet? We can help! Many investors are unsure exactly how much Bitcoin they had in their old wallet. Were you holding 30, 0.3, or 0.00003 BTC…

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Dropped Hard Drive Data Recovery


Dropping an electronic device is never a good thing. Have you ever wondered about the consequences if your hard drive slips out of your backpack or accidentally gets knocked from your desk?…

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